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About The Academy


     To contact the Academy Office please call 607-832-5555.

The Delaware County Law Enforcement Academy first began operating in the early 1990’s. The academy was created to offer the New York State D.C.J.S. basic course for police officers, to agencies in the county. The academy training site was headquartered at the BOCES school complex in Masonville, N.Y. Several basic academy training classes were held at the location, and many area police officers were able to earn their certification by attending the D.C.L.E.A. basic academy. This provided a low cost alternative to the Villages and Towns in Delaware County, to train new police officers, without having to send them to distant police academies.

In the Late 1990’s the Academy became dormant, and local departments were forced to send new recruits out of the area to complete the D.C.J.S. mandated basic training. In 2007, Delaware County Sheriff Thomas E. Mills, decided that it was time to bring the academy out of hibernation with the goal of enhancing the law enforcement training opportunities available to all of the agencies in the county and keep the cost of police training minimal.

Since 2007 the Delaware County Law Enforcement Academy been going strong offering a cheaper alternative to local agencies as well as other Sheriff’s Offices. It is now located at the state of the art Delaware County Public Safety Building. It conducts an Annual Basic Corrections Academy as well as offering numerous other courses as the need arises. Classes such as Basic Firearms, Patrol Rifle, Legal Updates, First Aid, CPR, Off Duty Encounters are just a few of the many courses offered. The Academy work closely with the Otsego County Law Enforcement Academy and they both share instructors, ideas, and equipment as needed.

In the future the Academy plans to expand its number of courses and will continue to offer its professional, affordable and convenient course lineup to local and surrounding agencies.