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Course Descriptions


Basic Course for Police Officers:    DCJS mandated training program that every police officer must successfully complete within one year of hiring date.  510 hours minimum, the Otsego Academy completes 720 hours, with the addition of SFST and increased hours in areas such as:  felony stops; building searches; counter-terrorism, NIMS and 160 hours of FTO. 

Basic Active Shooter/Critical Incident Response:  24-hour course that focuses on response to active shootings, including schools, colleges and businesses, tactical maneuvers with handguns, carbines and shotguns.  Practical scenarios with "Simunitions" and fire power demonstrations are included in this course.
Basic Radar:  DCJS 32-hour certification for radar/lidar operators.
BASIC SWAT: 40 hour basic tactical course for those agencies having or in the process of starting an SRT, ERT or SWAT type of team.  Instructed by Federal and State certified instructors.
Combat Shotgun Course: This 24 hour DCJS approved “combat shotgun” training course is designed to improve upon the basic skills in handling a police style shot gun for patrol officers. This should be attended by an officer who is familiar with shotguns and has had some type of a basic course. Officers must qualify the first day, firing from the 50 yd line.

Officers must bring all range safety gear, body armor, their dept. shotgun and approx. 400 rds of ammunition for the shotgun, 50 slug, 50 buck and the rest birdshot. 100 rds of ammo is also needed for their duty hand gun, for transitional drills. Shotguns must have slings on them for this course. It is highly recommended that each officer attending get some practice time in, before attending this course.

Each student successfully passing this course will receive a DCJS certificate. Registration can be completed on line via the link above or at the Delaware Police Academy web page Registration Form.

"Counter-Terrorism Awareness":  New 24-hour DCJS certified basic level course that every officer should complete.  This program covers suicide bombers, terrorist operations, weapons of mass destruction and safety for first responders.  This course was put together with the assistance of the N.Y. State Office of Public Security.
Defensive Tactics Re-Fresher: This course is designed for the experienced officer that has not had any updated defensive tactics training since the basic course for police. It will cover handcuffing, baton, gun retention and basic take down moves. Officers need to bring suitable gym wear and sneakers, duty belt, baton, cuffs, etc.
Domestic Violence Workshop:  This four hour workshop will be presented by the NYS Office of Domestic Violence. It will focus on changes in current laws regarding the handling of a domestic violence incident by law enforcement, new changes in reporting procedures and completion of the DIR. This is free and open to law enforcement officers as well as civilian professionals in the field of domestic violence.
Drug Recognition Course:  The Academy will present a three hour in-service program on drug recognition. This program is designed to update law enforcement officers, as well as civilian professionals working in this field, on recent drug trends in New York State and in our area.  It will help to raise the level of awareness as to the appearance of certain popular drugs, what types of packaging and other instruments are used in conjunction with the narcotic, smells associated with these illegal substances, the difference between real prescription pills and fake substitutes and current statues and laws pertaining to illegal narcotics use and possession.
Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC):  24-hours of basic emergency vehicle operation, including pursuits.  Oneonta Municipal Airport is used for higher speed exercises.  An EVOC computer simulator will also be available soon and will be added to both EVOC courses, the basic and refresher.
EVOC Refresher:  Eight hour update for veteran officers who have not had an EVOC course within the last five years.  Specific courses for Dodge Charger as well as other types of SUV patrol vehicles.

Field Training Officer:  28-hr DCJS certified Field Training Officer course outlines all aspects of the Field Training Officer program.

A variety of in-service training courses including NIMS and ICS, are also offered periodically by the Academy, covering a myriad of topics including, but not limited to, sex crimes investigations, bias crime/multi-cultural diversity, sexual harassment, basic firearms and firearms re-qualifications, one day basic bike officer course, OC aerosol spray certification, tactical handcuffing eight-hour course.  ASP and baton certification and re-certification, basic criminal investigation, legal update - search and seizure; stop and frisk; and many other courses.

The Academy is also a registered Security Guard Training school, offering the entire line of DCJS certified security courses including:  pre-employment course, on-the-job training course, annual in-service training and the security guard firearms program.

Instructor Development Course (IDC):  80-hour DCJS course for certification as a general topics police instructor.

Instructor Development Evaluator Course:  DCJS four hour certification to re-certify general topics instructors.
Patrol Rifle Operator: 24 hour DCJS certified course for all officers using a long gun/carbine on patrol.  This course covers;  Ar-15, Ruger PC's  and many other types of carbines.
Peace Officer - DCJS Certified Basic Course:  This is a NYS DCJS certified basic peace officer course with firearms/corrections. It is approximately 220 hours in length.  3 credit hours are available from SUNY-Delhi for successful completion of the course.
Security Guard Training Course:  Initial pre-assignment 8 hour basic course for security guard training.  This is the first training course that must be completed by anyone interested in becoming a Licensed Security Guard in New York State.  Persons successfully completing this course will be given all information on how to apply for their security guard license.
Security Guard Training Course:  16 Hour "On the Job" training.  This is the second part of the mandatory New York State DCJS security guard training that must be completed after the initial 8 hour block of instruction. The course is only open to a student that has already completed the pre-assignment eight hour basic course.
Security Guard Annual Training Course: 8 Hour Annual Security Guard Training for all Licensed Security Guards.  This New York State security course is mandated for all licensed security guards. It must be completed each year to re-new your security guard license. It can only be attended by a licensed guard and you must bring your security guard license to enter the course. If you are in the process of applying for your license, you may attend the course.
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing:  DCJS 32-hour course that includes all of the standard DWI field tests, including gaze nystagmus.  Eight hours exclusively on DWAID with a certified DRE instructor.
Vehicle Pursuit Policy Workshop:  This four hour workshop will be presented by the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. This is free and open to any law enforcement officer. Attendees must bring a copy of their current agency pursuit policy with them for this class. It will focus on Supreme Court decisions, NYS case law and guidelines form the IACP policy manual.