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  Safety While In The Car
  • Keep your doors and windows locked.

  • If someone should jump in your (unlocked) car while you are stopped at a light; quickly remove your keys and toss them out the window as far away as possible.

    • If he runs for the keys, run in the opposite direction.

    • If you canít outrun him, lock your doors, stay in the car; turn on your flashers; lay on the horn and try to make yourself so visible he will get as far away as possible from you.

    • If you must, fake a heart attack. Do anything to avoid to being alone with your assailant.

  • If you do find yourself locked up in a trunk and being driven somewhere, poke out the back tail light and wave your hand or foot out of the hole hoping  to attract attention from other drivers.

  • If you can reach it, dial 911 on your cell phone.

  • Listen for tell signs of where you might be driving to.

  • Look for anything you can use as a weapon or to alert attention from others.