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  Safety In Parking Lots
  • Aside from the home, the most common place for an assault to occur is in a vehicle because it provides the assailant two key elements:

    • privacy and

    • mobility.

  • As often as possible, do your shopping during daylight hours.

    • If you must shop at night, try to enlist a friend to accompany you.

  • If you suspect you are being followed, go to the nearest well-lit public place. From there you can summon assistance.

  • If you are shopping in a mall and making several trips to your vehicle, store your purchases in the trunk; not on the car seats where they will be visible to passersby.

  • When going shopping, pack a purse with only what you will need.  Do not take all of your credit cards with you. Maintain control of your purse so that the strap cannot be snipped or someone cannot quickly approach you and snatch it and run with it.

  • Keep a few dollars secreted in the car for unexpected emergencies.

  • Lock gas caps and hood releases to deter sabotage attempts.

  • Learn how to change a flat tire so you donít need to rely on others or be stranded. If a flat occurs in an unsafe place, drive slowly on it until you reach a lighted area.

  • If you car breaks down, stay in the car.

    • Call for assistance.

    • If you donít have a cell phone or canít get service where you are AND no one is around, quickly get out of the car and tie a white rag or bag to the antenna or raise the hood. Write "Call the Police" on a piece of paper or whatever you can find and display it in your window.

    • Donít get out of your car to speak with someone who stops to help you. If they want to wait in their car until someone comes to help you, that would be very thoughtful of them.

  • If you shop at night, park your car in a well lit area.

    • If you are walking - reconsider it. If you walk, use extreme caution and heightened awareness. Walk confidently.

  • Direct your attention solely to getting home safely.

    • Do not be preoccupied

    • Be vigilant of your surroundings without appearing frightened.

    • The area between the store and your vehicle/home is where you are most vulnerable. Make the advantage yours whenever possible.

  • When you exit a store, make sure your car keys are in your hands - never in your purse or pocket, where you have to spend precious time fumbling for them.

    • Do not carry home key on fob with car key. If one set of keys gets stolen; you are not as vulnerable as losing both sets.

  • Keep your cell phone in an inside pocket; not your purse. You may need to call for help if you are separated from your purse.

  • Even if your car is locked, glance inside it before you enter it. The new electronic keys illuminate the interior of your car before you enter it.

  • If someone is seated in a car or van parked next to your driverís side door, do not venture toward your car alone.

    • Pretend you have forgotten something inside the store and retreat or ask a store manager to find someone to accompany you to your vehicle.

  • No matter what happens in the parking lot, once you are safely in your vehicle, do not exit your vehicle.

    • Think: TRAP! Call for assistance on your cell phone.

  • If someone seems to be noticing you, and you are around other people, look them in the face without emotion. Once you have taken a good look at their face, they often leave you alone.