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  Plan Ahead
  • Take pictures of your valuables and keep the pictures in your safe deposit box.

  • Keep a list of your major purchases and valuables, record description, serial number, date of purchase and price. Keep that listing in a safe place.

  • Make a list of your credit account numbers and make a photocopy of everything you routinely carry in your wallet. Store it in a safe place for ready reference.

  • Make a list of Emergency Telephone numbers and put them near your telephone.

  • If you were warned that an an event (flood/wild fire/hurricane) was coming and you only had 5 minutes to prepare for an evacuation, would you know what to take and how to find it easily?

    • We have had some major emergencies in Delaware County in recent years and many people have had to move quickly to avoid gas explosions, flash floods and tornados.

      • Discuss an evacuation plan with your family. Make a list. If you put some valuables in a safe place now, all you have to do is grab your pre-packed emergency suitcase, round up the family and pets and you’re good to go.

      • Never let your gas tank go empty; fill it when it diminishes to a quarter of a tank

      • Keep some spare cash on hand for emergencies

      • Keep your prescriptions handy

      • Pack for a trip with snacks and drinks – flashlight/candles and blankets in case you are in your car for many hours.

      • Should the problem (power outage) not require your evacuation, be prepared for back-up heat, light, water and food.