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Nationwide Public Safety Service for Participating Sheriff Agencies
The following are the features provided by this application.

A note from the Sheriff...

The Mobil App utilized by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office ranks 5th in New York State out of 514 Agencies and #9 Nationally, out of 17,985 agencies, with over 10,000 users! This is great for our agency and its efforts to utilize social platforms to engage the public in our operations.

This is on top of our recent 100% compliance score on our 5-year reaccreditation audit with NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. We are the only fully accredited law enforcement Agency in Delaware County. This ensures the highest professional standards as well as best risk management practices in the field of law enforcement.

As Sheriff, I am proud of our team and the hard work performed by them in making the Delaware County’s Sheriff’s Office a role model.

Sheriff Thomas E. Mills

  • Detention Center
    View Recent bookings, search by name or sort by last name. Results show, as available, photo, name, personal information, and charges. This provides public information to the community related to criminal activity.

  • Victims Notification
    Powered by VINE (Victims Information and Notifications Everyday), the National Notification Network. This service allows crime victims a service to obtain timely and reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day. If you are a victim, this provides you with peace of mind that you can be notified of the offenders release from jail.

    Search the jail database or click ‘Release Notification’ from the detailed Inmate view. You can also check the release time and date from the detailed inmate view.

  • Most Wanted
    List of the Most Wanted including photo, name, last known address, personal information and charges. View all, Search or Sort by last name.

  • Warrants
    List of active warrants in the county.

  • Crime Tips
    If you are aware or witness criminal activity, please contact the Sheriff’s Office via the app or call the main switchboard.

  • Emergency Alerts
    Emergency Alerts provide real time access straight to your device. Push Notifications must be enabled on your device. Alerts are highlighted in RED (for 24 hours) if there is an alert you have not viewed. This can help notify you of emergency situations in your county. Alerts may range from Road Closures, Amber Alerts, Evacuation Notices, Dangerous Weather, and more. The Alerts section will provide you with photos and detailed information about the alert along with any updates issued by the Sheriff during the event.

  • Child Support
    List of active Child Support Warrants in the county.

  • Services
    For your convenience, Attorneys and Bail Bonds are listed in the app with in-app dialing straight from the app.

  • Resources
    News provides non-emergency news issued by the Sheriff (examples: Prescription Pill disposal programs, Community Service Project, Burn Bans, etc.).

  • Facility Locations
    Displays a map of the Sheriff’s location, address and directions. You can also save the location on your device. Select the push pin on the map for the app to provide directions per location.

  • Directory
    Provides information about the Sheriff and a directory of departments and phones numbers with in-app dialing for your convenience.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep the community safe and informed.

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