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  Delaware County Police Benevolent Association
Donation of AEDs


Recently Sgt. Ted Tiska and Deputy Sheriff Todd VanKuren presented Sheriff Thomas Mills with four (4) Zoll AEDPLUS defibrillators. Routinely, members of the Delaware County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association solicit donations from our citizenry for worthwhile endeavors. The response is gratifying and the circle is completed when the benefits are returned to the community at large.

Sheriff Mills noted, “We haven’t purchased new defibrillators since we conducted the last fund drive, in January, 2000. Later, many were replaced by a donation from the Public Health Department. This donation comes at an opportune time – when they are needed most to replace some of our most outdated models.” It should be noted that AED’s can also be used to benefit children because AED manufacturers provide a pediatric cable for them which is capable of reducing the amount of energy the AED delivers to a child under eight years of age.