Delaware County Employee of the Month
November 2017

Keith Weaver was hired on 11/1/2005 as a Caseworker and promoted to Senior Caseworker I on 1/11/2009.  After a brief break in service, Keith was reinstated to Senior Caseworker I on 3/16/2015 and promoted to Senior Caseworker II on 6/22/2015.

Keith supervises front-line Child Protective Services workers, as well as maintains a case load as needed.

Keith began his career with the County in 2005 in the Preventive/Foster Care Unit, later transitioning to the CPS unit where he investigated allegations of child neglect and abuse.  Keith brings a level of passion to the job that is easily identified. He believes that protecting children and helping families create or restore themselves to safe and effective parenting is an important part of his job, even as a supervisor.  Keith enjoys working with his colleagues and filling the supervisory role, but finds his true calling to be the children/family aspects of casework.  This is evident in his support of his caseworkers, engagement with families and service providers, and willingness to take on his own caseload.

Keith enjoys meeting and engaging with clients and service providers and building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with his co-workers.  Keith says he has met the most amazing people working for Delaware County.

Keith enjoys spending time with his family, going to auctions, eBay, lawn sales, eBay, basketball and eBay.

Congratulations and Thank You, Keith, for a job well done.