Delaware County Employee of the Month
November 2015

Heather Evangelista was hired as a Provisional Corrections Officer for the Sheriff’s Office on June 26, 2005 and was permanently appointed on July 14, 2006.

Corrections Officer Evangelista has distinguished herself as an exceptional employee. She is respected by her peers and supervisors and she is always respectful of others. She can be counted upon to accomplish the tasks to which she is assigned with poise, good humor and efficiency.

Heather is most often assigned to a cell pod or the Control Room.  While in the cell pod, she maintains calm control of her unit.  She is on the move, surveying her area of responsibility and maintaining visual contact with the inmates.  Inmates have all the time they need to identify an Officer’s vulnerabilities and Heather does not make that easy for them. Her gentle mannerisms mask an iron will and they know she is not susceptible to distraction. Heather also acts as a shift supervisor while performing her duties in the Control Room and Intake.

When in the Control Room, Heather’s performance is exemplary.  Her mastery of the instrumentation panel and keeping a close eye on everyone’s movements have earned her a high degree of trust.  She has proven herself to be devoted to the security and safety of her co-workers.

Heather projects a professional and positive image. She wears her uniform with pride and dignity. Her attendance is excellent.  She has never called in sick and, even though she travels a far distance to work, she has only been late once—by four minutes—as a result of an unexpected snow storm. 

The Sheriff’s Office recognizes her significant contribution to the secure operation of the Correctional Facility. Being a Corrections Officer can sometimes seem like a thankless job.  But, Heather says knowing that she is serving to protect the community makes her proud to be a Corrections Officer.  According to the Sheriff, “Corrections Officer Evangelista is a valued employee and a pleasure to work with.  She is always up to the task of keeping the Correctional Facility secure and we take great pleasure in seeing her hard work acknowledged.”

Heather’s family is very supportive of her job and her efforts to protect those she works with as well as her family.

Heather loves the winter and winter sports including snowmobiling and skiing.

Congratulations and thank you, Heather, for a job well done.