Delaware County Employee of the Month
May 2014

Shawn Sulger began employment with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office as a temporary, per diem Corrections Officer on June 26, 2005.  On September 11, 2005, he was permanently appointed as full time Corrections Officer.  Shawn was promoted to Corrections Sergeant on February 16, 2014.

Shawn has demonstrated a strong sense of ownership of his assigned responsibilities and willingness to take on additional challenges.  He can be counted on to give his upmost cooperation to supervisors and fellow employees and has earned the reputation as a role model and “go-to-person” for his comprehension of complex issues, especially those in the jail’s classification system.

The classification system is very time consuming and complex, and mastering it requires patience, focus and attention to detail.  He provides valuable information for making housing assignments, identifying possible behavioral issues and facilitates an awareness of physical and mental health concerns.  Recently, the Head Nurse expressed her appreciation for the manner in which Shawn consistently prepares insightful and complete documentation which is helpful to her when dealing with medical issues.

Shawn was instrumental in revamping the jail’s classification system with the NYS Commission of Corrections and his work has been recognized as a standard of excellence in the industry and one which other facilities would do well to emulate.

Although, on occasion, Shawn works in the housing unit, he is primarily assigned to Central Control and Intake.  He has shown exceptional skill in performing the lengthy inmate review process which includes gathering criminal histories, incident and special reports, medical and mental health information, etc.  Shawn has the ability to gain the cooperation of a wide variety of people, even those who are often experiencing extreme anxiety.  Recognizing that his documentation may impact the decisions and actions made by others, Shawn completes his assignments with keen attention to detail.  Detailed documentation is very important because jail logs are retained perpetually and may be referenced whenever a liability issue may arise.

What Shawn likes most about his job is the challenge of keeping everything running smoothly and in an organized manner.

Shawn and his wife have children in school.  His hobbies include reading and writing.

Sergeant Sulger is an asset to the smooth running of the jail because he is one of the first to interact with the inmates.  He is polite, yet authoritative, and aware that his decorum sets the tone by which our facility is judged.

Thank you, Shawn, for a job well done.