Delaware County Employee of the Month
August 2011

Michelle Murray began working for Delaware County as a per diem Corrections Officer in June, 2005.  On January 1, 2006, Michelle was appointed to the position of full-time Dispatcher.  From August 1, 2005 until October 30, 2007, she also continued to work for the County as a per-diem Clerk for various departments such as the Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Services/Public Health and Personnel.   On July 29, 2007, Michelle’s was promoted to the position Dispatch/Communications Supervisor.

As the Communications Supervisor, Michelle is responsible for overseeing the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center, supervising the County’s Dispatchers an ensuring the communications equipment is functioning properly.  The Communications Center is also responsible for monitoring routine traffic stops and the whereabouts and welfare of emergency and law enforcement personnel.  The Communications Center also operates the R-U-Okay program for home-bound citizens whose welfare needs to be checked each day.  This service is particularly important to senior and disabled individuals who may not have friends or family who can check in with them on a regular basis.  The manner in which a Dispatcher handles these situations can make the difference between life and death.  If at any time the primary 911 Dispatching Center at the Sidney State Police Headquarters fails, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Communications center is ready to step in and commence uninterrupted services.  Michelle has a strong commitment to ensuring that all Communications duties are handled appropriately and, even in the most difficult situations, she manages to remain poised and in control..

What Michelle finds most interesting about her job is the diversity of each day’s situations and knowing that you are part of a well-run team whose primary concern is to help others.

Michelle’s husband, Tim Murray, is a Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Department of Social Service’s Investigative Unit.  Michelle has a seven year old son, Jacob, and she and Tim are awaiting the birth of their child in November...

Congratulations, Michelle, for this well-deserved recognition.