Delaware County Employee of the Month
April 2010

Evelyn Gaffney began employment with Delaware County on March 24, 1987 as a part-time Cook/Matron for the “old jail”.  She later completed the Academy process and her position evolved from part-time to full-time Corrections Officer on January 11, 1992.

Evelyn has distinguished herself as an ambitious and dependable employee.  She maintains and updates all inmate records including booking, court appearances, classification, medical billing and mental health.  She assumes additional assignments whenever needed.  In order to evaluate her skills, she has taken the Sergeant’s tests and has routinely passed each test.  On behalf of her family, she has not pursued this career enhancement because of the scheduling changes that come with it.

Teaching Corrections Officers the many facets of the Intake position and instilling in them good work ethics are two of the responsibilities that C.O. Gaffney likes most about her job.

Evelyn’s annual reviews reflect her dependability, punctuality, and doing what is expected of her, plus more.  Her records are accurate and well written.  She is a self-starter and often serves as Officer-in-Charge on her shift because of her thorough knowledge of the job, her ability to make good decisions and the courage of her convictions.

The tasks of a Corrections Officer can range from tedious and monotonous to hazardous.  The tasks must be accomplished with strict attention to detail and according to established policies and procedures. The safety and security of the housing units in the jail must be maintained.  Inmates can be volatile and their moods must be assessed constantly.  The Corrections Officer must know what each inmate under his or her supervision is doing at all times, and must maintain authority, while garnering cooperation.

Evelyn has been married for 36 years to Corrections Lieutenant Bruce Gaffney.  They have three children and four grandchildren, ranging in age from three to thirteen years.  Evelyn cares for the three grandchildren that live locally, three days a week and goes over to play with them as often as possible.  The Gaffney's travel to Arizona twice a year to visit their family and grandchild living there.  Evelyn’s hobby is flower gardening.

Evelyn serves her employer with distinction.  She performs her tasks to the best of her ability and significantly contributes to the smooth functioning of the Corrections Facility.  It is a testament to her abilities that she has been nominated Delaware County Employee of the Month.

Congratulations, Evelyn.