Delaware County Employee of the Month
April 2008

John Lehmann began working for Delaware County in 1998 as a Corrections Officer at the old County Jail, at a time when iron bars separated the officer from the inmates. In 2003 when the Jail moved to the new Public Safety Facility, he easily transitioned to the new environment of direct supervision where the officer is locked in with the inmates.

In 2003, Corrections Officer Lehmann was promoted to Sergeant. As Sergeant, John supervises Corrections Officers, makes post assignments, advises and instructs Officers on specific activities and evaluates their performance. He is also responsible for resolving conflicts between facility employees and inmates, enforces facility rules and regulations and discusses personal problems with inmates.

When asked what he likes most about his job, Sgt. Lehmann will tell you that itís the diversity. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to use your imagination and past experience to develop insightful solutions. John knows that sudden and unexpected events must be dealt with quickly and efficiently in order to maintain order amidst the potential for chaos. One must remain alert and watchful while exercising a calm demeanor. The Jail presents an ongoing drama with a constant change of characters. Tom Hanks personified it best in the movie, The Green Mile, and Sgt. Lehman plays the role in real life.

Sgt. Lehmann was recommended to receive the Employee of the Month award based on his adeptness; ability to remain objective; and keep meticulous records and reports. When he has been called upon to give testimony at hearings, he has delivered his testimony in a sincere and forthright manner, standing his ground regardless of apparent intimidation, and his thorough and detailed file notes have proved invaluable for positive outcomes.

Sgt. Lehmann and his wife, Lisa, have a 17 year old son, Thor, a future Marine. Few know that John has a twin brother. John is very proud of his mother, who lives in Florida and who routinely participates in, and wins, various grueling events in the Senior Olympics. She will soon be inducted in the National Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

John is an avid sportsman who is comfortable with a camera, gun and bow. He volunteers one month a year assisting the Border Patrol in Arizona.

Congratulations, Sgt. Lehmann, and thank you.